Thursday, April 30, 2009

Argument?? Who said that??

So the other day I had to ask a question. Why is that when a girl tries to talk to a guy about how either one of them feel she has to be trying to start an argument?? Now this question stems from many different situations with myself as well as experience from my female friends.

I even posted the question on my facebook and oddly enough...what a surprise the only real reasonable comments I got were from females. Of course they understood where I was coming from as a female.

I will say this though. I got a lot of "insight" from some special guys (shout out to Keith, Jack, and Omar). They explained to me that guys have to be mad sometimes for a while with out talking. Also that guys expect us to know when we are put in the highest position because of the way they treat us and who we meet(mom, dad, best friends etc.) but they're probably still gonna cheat. A lot of things they said were interesting as well as double standards.

One thing I did not like and has continued to play in my mind is that us women need to "play our role".

So my new question is...what does it mean for a woman to "play her role"?

I mean last time I checked the primitive years were over and so were the 50's and we've had the feminist movement. Women do the same jobs today that men do and sometimes do it any answers??

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