Tuesday, April 7, 2009


"The Treasury is where it all began, but now we have a group out of the Treasury called Real.Cool.Dudes.......It consist of Josh Wells "Josh Broaden" & Noates "Norman Oates"......I really would love to tell you what our style is but i really don't know.....You can just say that we're Artist and we make Music.....The reason i cant tell you is because we come up with so many new ideas all the time and we never usually stay in one bracket......We like to do a lot of different types of Music and if we claim a style, that kinda puts us in a bracket........We know it'll be hard to get out there from CT but were willing to give it a try" myspace.com/realcooldudes860

Real.Cool.Dudes are some young men from CT that I believe actually have the potential to make it. Their style and approach to music is completely different from any other local artist that I have heard in the Greater Hartford Area. The music is a refreshing break from the normal stereotypical hood music. Many people who are rappers/musicians feel the need to talk about violence, drugs and sex. Although the Real.Cool.Dudes may refer to sex a lot(i.e. the name of their soon to be released mix tape Food.Sex.Quiet) they're uniqueness and versatility sets them apart from the rest.

They should let me get on a track or two...just kidding. But I encourage them to keep doing what they are doing. Continue taking it seriously and doing things professionally. It's nice to see some young black men pushing forward with positivity and showing that the streets is not all they know.

I also encourage everyone to check them out on myspace.com/realcooldudes860 and facebook.com search: real.cool.dudes and hopefully I'll have some future posts with the Real.Cool.Dudes.

Til next time...

Stay Real and I'll stay Sweet...

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