Thursday, April 30, 2009

Argument?? Who said that??

So the other day I had to ask a question. Why is that when a girl tries to talk to a guy about how either one of them feel she has to be trying to start an argument?? Now this question stems from many different situations with myself as well as experience from my female friends.

I even posted the question on my facebook and oddly enough...what a surprise the only real reasonable comments I got were from females. Of course they understood where I was coming from as a female.

I will say this though. I got a lot of "insight" from some special guys (shout out to Keith, Jack, and Omar). They explained to me that guys have to be mad sometimes for a while with out talking. Also that guys expect us to know when we are put in the highest position because of the way they treat us and who we meet(mom, dad, best friends etc.) but they're probably still gonna cheat. A lot of things they said were interesting as well as double standards.

One thing I did not like and has continued to play in my mind is that us women need to "play our role".

So my new question is...what does it mean for a woman to "play her role"?

I mean last time I checked the primitive years were over and so were the 50's and we've had the feminist movement. Women do the same jobs today that men do and sometimes do it any answers??

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hated?? Admired?? I think not...

Ok so today I had a conversation with a friend about people who throw out the word hater as much if not more than how much they change their unmentionables(that's underwear). It began to sit heavy on my mind after I saw the status of one of those people when I got home. It really annoys me to see it to the point where I've thought of deleting people from my facebook and myspace because of it. They go on these rants about how much people want to be like them and hate on what they have because they don't have lives. Yet these same people seem to find more than enough time to talk about those people who supposedly are thinking about them all the time.

What I think a hater is:

Hater /hayt-er/n. someone who finds it in themselves to dislike another person for no particular reason. (hate usually stems from some type of jealousy)

Now what some people don't understand is that sometimes people just don't like a specific thing about you. That does not mean they are hating on you. What these specific people fail to realize is that they are putting so much time and energy into pointing out their so called haters that they make themselves look bad. A lot of the time they are creating these stories anyway just to make themselves feel better when people don't like them. Also if a significant amount of people don't like you...most likely it's not a case of haters but there's something wrong with YOU!

Also just because someone does something you have done doesn't mean they are trying to be like you. People try to be individuals but at some point you are going to have something in common with others. Stop trying to pretend like your the only person in the world that says a word, wears a pair of sneakers, or performs a particular action. EVERYONE DOES SOMETHING THAT SOMEONE ELSE DOES!! It's inevitable.

On that note I am going to stop here...i think I've said enough...

Until next you a taste of Sweet honesty...


Haunting in Connecticut

Oh how proud I am! Yes the Haunting in Connecticut was one of the scariest ways to expose the rest of the world to "real" CT living but it was a great movie. Me being a huge horror film buff thought it was one of the best horror movie's I've seen in a while. Don't get me wrong, I haven't watched every horror film there is to see but, this is the first one I've seen in I don't know how long that actually made me scream.
I was curled up in my seat waiting in actual horror for the next thing that would pop up on the screen. The effects of the movie were great(see picture) and that's just one example but the best. Also, every scary moment was perfectly positioned. When watching movies I can usually predict what's going to happen but not this one. I was actually waiting in anticipation for the next part of the movie. The difficulty I had predicting the movie was probably what had me holding onto the people next to me for dear life the entire time or peeking through my fingers.
This movie had me afraid to sleep alone so I give it 2 sweet thumbs up!

The Growth of the SweetHart

Hello everyone this is just a little introduction to my new blog. I have a prior blog to this one but that was just a project that I had put together for a class. This blog is basically me approaching blogging from a serious perspective with my own identity and my own topics. The new name and url I hope that people enjoy the topics that I bring to the table. Stay Tuned THE BEST HAS YET TO COME!!


CC The SweetHart of CT


"The Treasury is where it all began, but now we have a group out of the Treasury called Real.Cool.Dudes.......It consist of Josh Wells "Josh Broaden" & Noates "Norman Oates"......I really would love to tell you what our style is but i really don't know.....You can just say that we're Artist and we make Music.....The reason i cant tell you is because we come up with so many new ideas all the time and we never usually stay in one bracket......We like to do a lot of different types of Music and if we claim a style, that kinda puts us in a bracket........We know it'll be hard to get out there from CT but were willing to give it a try"

Real.Cool.Dudes are some young men from CT that I believe actually have the potential to make it. Their style and approach to music is completely different from any other local artist that I have heard in the Greater Hartford Area. The music is a refreshing break from the normal stereotypical hood music. Many people who are rappers/musicians feel the need to talk about violence, drugs and sex. Although the Real.Cool.Dudes may refer to sex a lot(i.e. the name of their soon to be released mix tape Food.Sex.Quiet) they're uniqueness and versatility sets them apart from the rest.

They should let me get on a track or two...just kidding. But I encourage them to keep doing what they are doing. Continue taking it seriously and doing things professionally. It's nice to see some young black men pushing forward with positivity and showing that the streets is not all they know.

I also encourage everyone to check them out on and search: and hopefully I'll have some future posts with the Real.Cool.Dudes.

Til next time...

Stay Real and I'll stay Sweet...