Friday, June 19, 2009

He wasn't good enough for me...

So I was just sitting and thinking about past relationships and why they ended. Asking questions like what could I have done different? Is it possible that we could have worked? But then I look and see we're not together so obviously not. I began to think about how me being sensitive me, would question myself as a person and being good enough for a guy. How is it that guys can make females feel so insecure that they always wonder what they did wrong or what they could have done different. They praise you and try so hard to get you but then at some point they realize that you just aren't right for them, or they just don't want to be with you, or they aren't ready for a relationship after you've been in a relationship for more than 6 months already smh. They have this weird way of handling relationships and it always seems to be the wrong way. Well anyway I was inspired to write something. It's just a little something nothing big.

you were never good for me and I finally see that
i was just something for you to concur then step out
taking that trip to your ex-girl house
i don't know why i gave you a chance
cuz i didn't even think twice at the first glance
there was something that pulled me in
maybe god teaching me a lesson
but at the end of the day I'm happy with every blessing
You were never good for me I finally see
Breezy season poppin' got boyfriend #1, 2, maybe even 3
LMAO hope that made someone smile cuz it sure made me laugh a little
Live~Laugh~& Love ur life!! CC

Thursday, June 18, 2009

"People of the Recession"

So for about the past month or so I have been looking for a job. I can honestly say that everyday with the exception of a few I have sent my resume to companies and filled out applications. I had begun feeling sorry for myself and then I happened to catch an episode of Oprah today. Normally I would just change the channel(Oprah's good I guess but not for me) but this particular episode pulled me in. The title of the show I believe was the people of the recession (don't quote me on that). But in this episode they showed women with 3 children who became homeless after she and her husband both lost their jobs. There was also a single mother of two who was facing eviction and had been out of work for two years. Then there were the people who lived in what they call tent cities because they had no other place to live.
As I watched this show I began to feel guilty and selfish for feeling the way I did about not having a job. After watching this episode I became grateful for all of the things that I do have. I may not have a job or the perfect meal everyday but I do have more than some people and I am happy for that. So today I decided to stop feeling bad and to dive into my job search head first and not to come out until I have found something. In the mean time I will continue to be thankful for all I do have and pray for others less fortunate.

Signing out~ CC

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



There are many albums on this list that I am looking forward to hearing. D-Block, Mos Def, and Pleasure P just to name a few that came out today (go cop those). Got to stay on top of my music.

Trey Songz will also be dropping his mixtape Genesis on June 15th. That's not on the link above
but make sure u check that out.

June Movie Releases


Out of these movies I plan on seeing:

The Taking of Pelham 123 All I have to say about that is...DENZEL!!

The Proposal I expect to be funny and overall a good movie but not nearly as funny as the Hangover.

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen I enjoyed the first movie so this one I hope lives up to my expectations and is even better than the first.

My Sisters Keeper I will cry lol that's all I can say.

Trey Songz and Sammie- She Ain't My Girl


she aint my girl - trey songz ft sammie

Drake @ Toad's Place in New Haven, CT

People waited outside for hours before doors opened and another 4 hours after that to actually see the Most Anticpated Drake aka Drizzy Drake aka Wheel Chair Jimmy aka October's Very Own hit the stage. There were some complaints but not many. It was beyond hot, the lines were long, the crowd was rediculous, there were fights, and people throwing up just to name a few issues but everyone stayed. After Drake arrived the crowd went wild and sung along to every song he played and performed. All in all it was a good night and good performance. Here's one of the videos of the performance...


This movie has got to be the FUNNIEST movie of the year and POSSIBLY the funniest movie I've seen in my entire life. Definitely a 2 thumbs up. I don't know what else to say besides it's hilarious and GO SEE IT.

Laughing at the thought of the movie it's CC the Sweety signing out.


So I joined twitter last year as an assignment for a class. The day I joined it was the only day I actually used it up until about 2 months or so ago. Recently I have found Twitter to be great for entertainment and a great way for artists to reach out to their fans. Brian Carlo my former and editor at the Hartford Courant told our whole class that Twitter would be big...and a year later I have to admit it is and I love it. Shouts out to Trey Songz ( and Sammie ( for showing me that Twitter can be wonderful. They really reach out to their fans through twitter. With links to ustream for live chatting and downloads and lets not forget the say now accounts which allow fans to call them. I say Sammie and Trey deserve Twitter awards for "Best fan outreach" lol.

Signing out it's CC the Sweety

p.s. join and follow Sammie and Trey!!
oh and I can't forget myself of course follow me @CCdaSweety on twitter (