Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So I joined twitter last year as an assignment for a class. The day I joined it was the only day I actually used it up until about 2 months or so ago. Recently I have found Twitter to be great for entertainment and a great way for artists to reach out to their fans. Brian Carlo my former and editor at the Hartford Courant told our whole class that Twitter would be big...and a year later I have to admit it is and I love it. Shouts out to Trey Songz (http://twitter.com/SongzYuuup) and Sammie (http://twitter.com/PrinceSammie) for showing me that Twitter can be wonderful. They really reach out to their fans through twitter. With links to ustream for live chatting and downloads and lets not forget the say now accounts which allow fans to call them. I say Sammie and Trey deserve Twitter awards for "Best fan outreach" lol.

Signing out it's CC the Sweety

p.s. join and follow Sammie and Trey!!
oh and I can't forget myself of course follow me @CCdaSweety on twitter (http://twitter.com/CCdaSWEETY)

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