Thursday, June 18, 2009

"People of the Recession"

So for about the past month or so I have been looking for a job. I can honestly say that everyday with the exception of a few I have sent my resume to companies and filled out applications. I had begun feeling sorry for myself and then I happened to catch an episode of Oprah today. Normally I would just change the channel(Oprah's good I guess but not for me) but this particular episode pulled me in. The title of the show I believe was the people of the recession (don't quote me on that). But in this episode they showed women with 3 children who became homeless after she and her husband both lost their jobs. There was also a single mother of two who was facing eviction and had been out of work for two years. Then there were the people who lived in what they call tent cities because they had no other place to live.
As I watched this show I began to feel guilty and selfish for feeling the way I did about not having a job. After watching this episode I became grateful for all of the things that I do have. I may not have a job or the perfect meal everyday but I do have more than some people and I am happy for that. So today I decided to stop feeling bad and to dive into my job search head first and not to come out until I have found something. In the mean time I will continue to be thankful for all I do have and pray for others less fortunate.

Signing out~ CC

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