Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Celebrity Wife Life

Trophy wife, Groupie, Gold Digger, Happiness, failure, fidelity, Pre-Nup, and TRUE LOVE are some of the things that may come to when thinking of women who are interested in pursuing celebrities. It is hard enough to find a man willing to be faithful...so why is it that women chase after celebrities knowing millions of beautiful women throw themselves at them all the time...being a celebrity's wife isn't easy I'm sure...will their money really fill the void of the happiness u get when your man comes home everyday as opposed to being on the road all the time. I know some people just happen to meet and really fall in love; some actually before the man becomes famous, but I don't understand those people who force it. There are some women(groupies) who follow men on the road knowing all of they're whereabouts. They try to get pregnant by them on purpose. I just don't get it. Look at what just happened with Steve McNair...his wife and kids have to deal with the fact that, because he was cheating, they will never get to see him again. It was just a thought I had and I think other females need to think first as well. Don't get me wrong if I was single and I met a celebrity who I felt was attractive and HE APPROACHED ME I would give it a chance. But it is not cool to chase around any man especially if you have to follow him around the world to get his attention. I think that's a little stalkerish...scratch that a lot stalkerish!!


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