Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Appreciate Your Man

So today I was on twitter and there's a thing called trending topics. One of those trending topics was turn-ons. So I said a turn-on for me is a guy who texts or calls just because he was thinking about you and he really means it. I got a reply from my boy @THISISFLYNESS saying how many girls actually do this for they're man. I told him in a nutshell that I do that plus more so he suggested I write a blog to let other females know they should do the same. goes nothing.

Ladies how often do you think about what you can do for your man instead of what he's doing for you? How many say thank you or show some kind of appreciation for the SIMPLE things we so desperately want? I just want to let you all know that you should APPRECIATE YOUR MAN!

Now I wanna make sure that the guys also understand that they should appreciate their women too. Do something nice for her every once in a while even if its just telling her she's beautiful.

But back to the ladies. We expect a lot from our men. We want them to pay our bills but some of us don't even wanna work and then curse him out because he broke and you want your hair done. You want him to take care of his kids but you buying new shoes, clothes and jewelry(for yourself) and can't even get him a father's day card. We want him to appreciate the fact that we are even in his life but do we appreciate the fact that he is in ours. I'm not saying that a man should not be a man and take care of his responsibilities and be good to his woman. All I'm saying is that a woman should be a good woman and do the same!

Cook for your man. Say thank you (even for the things he's supposed to do because there are some men who don't do it). Text or call him saying you were thinking of him. TREAT HIM THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. Now if he doesn't appreciate it and do the same then drop his ass lol.

But I aim to please and will definitely be taking my own advice because I plan on keeping my boo lol.

Giving You the Sweet Honesty You Love...CC


  1. So I’m loving your post, women should always make their man feel wanted & men should do the same. My hubby told me that his turn on is me making him feel wanted. I could say it I could show it whatever he’ll take it all…lol...but he been acting up so Im putting up wanted need to realize that the little things count: text messages (143) and the phone calls just to say hi...I know men can get a little to into them selves but the truth is we have to feed their egos....and shit they damn sure need to feed ours as well........

  2. Thanks for the comment and I completely agree on the feeding their egos lol